Your Customers Don't Care About You

That ought to get your attention. And the sad part is, it's kinda true.

I mean, think about it. Human beings are very selfish people. When we buy something, generally, we don't care about the process in which it was made, we don't care how long it took you to make it, we just want the product. We only care about what's in it for us. How is this product going to benefit MY life? 

Your Customers Don't Care About You by

Your Customers Don't Care About You by

So, how are we going to write our story in a way that makes people want to care? You start out about how your story is going to impact your customer. I'm talking about your About page. I've put in many hours learning about human psychology and how I can write my About page in a way that makes my customers care and want to keep reading.

So here are 6 keys you need to practice in order to write a killer About page.

  • Write In First Person

One thing that I can't stand is reading the About page of a maker friend I know and seeing things like "We started in January..." or "Our mission is to..." knowing that there's just one person running the show. Don't pretend your business is bigger than it actually is. If you're the only person behind the scenes then use "I" instead of "We." It's a lot more personable and we connect more with you. Also, put up a head shot of you so when your customers are reading your About page, they can put a face to the story.

  • Write more "You's" than "I's" or "Me's"

Sorta contrary to what I just said, you don't want to make it all about you. Like I said, humans are selfish and want to know what's in it for them. So when you start off your About page saying a bunch of "I love using sustainable materials." or "It's my dream to grow this business." say things like "You can make a difference by buying sustainable products." or "By purchasing from [name of company] you're making a dream come true." These aren't the best examples but hopefully you get the gist.  

  • Use Your Customer's Language

You must know who you're writing your About page for, you must know your target customer. Stock them on Instagram (or, more professionally termed, do some market research) and find out what words they're using. What slang are they using? Are they super punctual? Do they use perfect grammar or do they use words like "doin'" and "wanna?" Use their language when writing your About page.

  • Don't Start Out Talking About Yourself

Start your About page taking about the benefits your customer will get by doing business with you. How are they going to feel when they buy your product? What do they have to look forward to when they use your product? Start off talking about your customer. Once you've hooked them and wet their apatite, and, if they're still reading after you've talked about what's in it for them, they're probably very interested in learning about you! Then, you can tell your story and talk about yourself. 

  • Don't Write A Novel

Your About page should not be 3 pages long. In my own opinion, 3/4 to 1 page long is perfect. Don't go into so much detail that you lose your customer's attention (remember, human's have less of an attention span than goldfish these days). Use 2-4 paragraphs to talk about your customer, then 2-4 paragraphs go to writing your story. Then I tie in my CTA as another paragraph to my story (see key below). 

  • Use A CTA (Call To Action)

Now, if someone reads your entire About page then chances are they want more! This is the perfect spot, at the end of your About page, to insert a CTA to get them on your email list. Try to intertwine your CTA with your story so it's a nice flow and they naturally want to click that signup button.

Your About page helps build that trust with your customer. When you can think in terms of a consumer and think about what you'd want to read when visiting an About page of a company you're thinking about patronizing you can better understand how to write your own About page. 

Examples of Great About Pages:

I would love to see your About page and possibly give you a little critique on it! Leave a link to your About page in the comments and whether or not you'd like me to take a look!