What Do You Want To Learn?

Hey makers!

I thought it'd be fun to keep a running list of blog post topics that you want to read. Often times I feel like I've covered the basics of electroforming but some of you may want to know more about polishing, how to get different finishes, how to filter your solution, etc.

What Do You Want To Learn at MakerMonologues.com

What Do You Want To Learn at MakerMonologues.com

So I'm going to keep this poll right here on this blog post and if you can think of any topic you'd like me to cover just input it into the poll below.

Here are a few topics that I've been thinking about, but if you can think of anything else just let me know!

Copper electroforming:

  • How to patina your pieces
  • How to get different finishes with patina
  • ProtectaClear vs Ren Wax review
  • Safer Solutions conductive paint review
  • Other product reviews
  • Step by step design project tutorials


  • How to make a bezel
  • Soldering basics
  • Start to finish bezel ring tutorial
  • Dremel VersaTip Torch review
  • Homemade pickle solution
  • How to tumble copper or silver jewelry
  • How to make ear wires
  • Tool reviews

Handmade business:

  • Social media tips
  • DIY branding
  • How to design graphics for your blog
  • How to start an email list
  • How to come up with an email freebie
  • How to write shop policies
  • Start a Shopify website
  • Write a killer About page
  • Achieve a cohesive aesthetic 
  • Pricing your products for wholesale


  • Hand drawn wrapping paper for shipping you products
  • How to create your own vector images