Top Jewelry Making

I’ve gathered so many tips and tricks over the year in the jewelry industry so I wanted to share some of these life saving tricks! Also, if you pass these tips onto your customer they will love your forever and you’ll be their number one jeweler! (Hopefully, we can dream big, right?)

1. Take off jewelry before swimming, bathing or working out.


Our sweat, chlorine, saltwater and shampoos, lotions and perfumes are harmful to our jewelry’s finish and shine. So be sure to take off all your jewelry before doing any of these activities.

2. Feed necklace chains through a straw so they don't tangle while traveling.


Life-saving tip for all your travel bugs out there! Just string on end of your necklace chain through a straw and secure the clasp and you’ll be amazed that your necklace does’t tangle!

3. Use clear nail polish to paint your copper ring to prevent skin turning green.


This is a tip I’ve shared with my customers a lot and they’ve really appreciated it! Coat the inside of your copper ring with clear nail polish to prevent it from discoloring your finger.

4. Measure your ring size with a strip of paper, wrap your finger, then measure.


Find out what your ring size is by wrapping a strip of paper around your finger, mark where it overlaps, cut off the excess then measure the paper. There are so many ring size conversion charts online but here’s a great one by Fred Meyers Jewelry.

5. Clean your silver jewelry with tooth-paste.


Simple enough! If you’re in a pinch and you ran out of your jewelry cleaner just take some toothpaste and an old toothbrush with a little warm water to clean your silver jewelry.

6. Coat earring posts in petroleum jelly if your have sensitive ears.


This is a tip I’ve heard from a custom actually, she had very sensitive ears, but she was fine with sterling silver and gold jewelry. So this is a tip for costume jewelry.

What tips do you have when it comes to jewelry? Comment below and share with everyone!