6 Maker Podcasts To Listen To While You Make

If you're someone who can't stand working in the shop, studio, bench, etc. in silence, I feel you. I can't do it either. Why not take advantage of using your ears to learn while using your hands to make!

6 Maker Podcasts To Listen To While You Make by MakerMonologues.com

6 Maker Podcasts To Listen To While You Make by MakerMonologues.com

I'm constantly trying out new podcasts to see if I like them or not. If a podcast is too scripted I just can't listen to it. I love the ease of conversation. I feel like the best bits of info come from an artist who has time to trail off in thought.

Here are some of my favorite maker podcasts I'm loving at the moment in no particular order.

  1. Etsy Conversations Podcast
    This is a pretty long free-flowing podcast by host Ijeoma. It's a weekly podcast interviewing Etsy shop owners. They talk about how they got started, how they run their business, their creative process, etc.

  2. Elisa Gets Crafty
    This is one of my favorite. You really get that maker-vibe from Elise and her guests. This is also a weekly podcast, some with interviews of other creatives and some with just Elise speaking on a topic.

  3. From Maker to Manufacturing
    Sarah Cooley from Simple Curated recently created a podcast and I can say for certain it's my favorite podcast, period. It's part interviews with other makers and part maker-wisdom from Sarah.

  4. The Merriweather Council
    Host Danielle Spurge gives tips on creativity and running an online handmade business each week. I don't think she does any interviews so each episode is very short, around 6-10min so they're the perfect little bit sized advice usually with an action step.

  5. Raise Your Hand Say Yes
    This is another favorite with host Tiffany Han. She interviews other creatives and, I would say, has a no BS policy. I love the realness of this podcast, she has an amazing way of making her guests comfortable to talk about the deep stuff no one tells you about creativity and running a business.

  6. Making It
    This is another favorite of mine, and one I recently discovered. Three hosts; Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto all are in the business of making things. It's such a free-flowing podcast, with just a tiny bit of convo structure the bulk of it is just 3 maker friends having great conversation.

6 Maker Podcasts To Listen To While You Make

Hope you enjoy!

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I'm always looking for more cool folks to listen to!