Welcome To Maker Monologues!

Hey everyone! Wahooo! Maker Monologues is now LIVE

This is a blog for makers, creatives + small biz owners! For a while I've had the urge to start a new blog to write about jewelry making (through electroforming, silversmithing + macrame) along with all the shop talk a girl could have! Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and let's kick this thing off right!

Do What You Love

My name is Brittany Witt and I've been a maker/creative/entrepreneur since I can remember. Let's take a stroll through my timeline...

  • When I was 4 I would ask my babysitter over and over if she could show me how to draw a person (and not the stick figure kind!).
  • When I was 5 and in kindergarten I was always the "loner" girl painting on the easel while all the other kids played house. ( I thought they were the weird ones.)
  • When I was 7 + 8 my best friend Megan and I would walk around our neighborhood with a broom knocking on peoples door and ask them if we could sweep their porches for $1. (The most we made in a day was $36 - which is a lot when you're 7!)
  • When I was 10 I became obsessed with drawing out floor plans of my dream home. 
  • When I was 11 I babysat for my neighbor (I thought I was going to get rich doing this, ha!).
  • When I was 12 my friends and I built a 2-story wooden clubhouse which took all summer long.
  • When I was 16 I got really into hair and makeup. I would create these cool hand drawn cheetah-print eye shadow designs.
  • When I was 18 I got my first job at...drumroll....Micheal's Arts & Crafts. No one was surprised. (I thought I'd climb the ladder and eventually become CEO, because, isn't that how it's done? So naive.)
  • When I was 20 I started making beautiful beaded jewelry. I used to joke that I got paid less than minimum wadge because I gave Michael's back so much of each paycheck buying jewelry supplies.
  • When I was 23 I realized I wasn't happy working for someone who didn't even know I existed. So I quit my job and started selling hemp macrame jewelry online. (My first online shop was called Dirty Hempies. Oh so bad!)
  • Today (age 26) I am proud to say that I'm the designer/Chief Visionary Officer at Pineal Vision Jewelry and now the creator/CEO of Maker Monologues!

I'm not sure where this blog will be a year from now or what topics I will get into but I do know that I have a yearning to teach people everything I know about being a maker + running an online business. 

I am an open book so if you have any questions, blog post requests or just wanna say hey, leave a comment below! I'm eager to get to know YOU now!

With delight,
xx Brittany Witt 

Background Image Source: Purchased from Bloom & Flourish via Creative Market.