Maker Roundup: 10 Creative Instagram Accounts I'm Loving Right Now

There’s no shortage of creativity in the world and it’s proven if you just explore the feed of any creative’s Instagram account. I like to seek out the lesser known artists and support them and put the spotlight on them. I come across so many beautiful, talented, curated artistic accounts multiple times a day on Instagram and it truly is a battle on who I should follow. 

Maker Roundup: 10 Creative Instagram Accounts I'm Loving Right Now by Maker Monologues

Maker Roundup: 10 Creative Instagram Accounts I'm Loving Right Now by Maker Monologues

I have a rule for myself, that I can’t get over a certain amount of accounts I follow on Instagram (for my jewelry account, my @makermonologues is still new--give it a follow!). It used to be 200, but now it’s growing to about 400 (and I’m just a little over that number). My reason being is that I actually like to connect with the people I follow and if I’m following too many I just can’t connect as deeply. 

So today I wanted to highlight some of the makers and creatives I’ve been loving recently, I hope you’ll give them a follow and show them some love. =) 

1. @primandpoppyshop

This woman is a super talented metalsmith + jeweler. Her most recent collection of Sailor Jerry inspired pendants and rings resemble old rock n roll tattoos with heart shaped stones, banners, swords, mermaids, skulls & roses. It’s definitely a sight to behold.

2. @tierrasolstudio

Seana creates cute ceramic planters, some as tiny as a half dollar. She also creates terrariums and for all you black thumbs out there she has you covered with handmade ceramic cactus that will never die. The fun pastel colors throughout her feed evokes the creative spirit within me, and hopefully you as well! 

3. @marissahuber

Fun bold, bright patterns and illustrations fill Marissa’s feed to the brim! This is a good example of a not-so-curated feed looking good! And it’s a nice change of scenery. She also runs @carveouttimeforart, where she inspires creatives to do what? #carveouttimeforart. She’s doing amazing things in the maker community, definitely an inspiration both creative-wise and community-wise.

4. @moglea

Moglea is a handcrafted paper goods business by Chad and Meg Gleason. You’ll find fun patterns in the form of wrapping paper, meal planning pads, greeting cards and more. You can also catch glimpses of their process which will be sure to your creative juices flowing. 

5. @arseniclace

Arsenic Lace isn’t a maker but that certainly doesn’t mean she’s not a creative! Natalie is a professional in the tropical cocktail category. She puts together “perfect beverage program” for bars and restaurants. Her account shows off her stylistic work she does in collaboration with liquor brands. Grab your umbrella drink and enjoy! 

6. @sruetercreates

I belong to the ocean as much as a mermaid so when I visit Samantha Rueter’s feed I feel at home. She captures the ocean and the beach in her paintings so well. Her feed is filled with all the tropical blues and greens you expect to see when visiting the beach. Her free spirit vibe adds to the magical nature of her account. 

7. @tthomasarts

Tiffany Thomas is a ceramic artist I recently found and I’m so glad I did! She creates some of the most beautiful ceramics I’ve seen. She creates a very rustic, almost “unfinished” look and creates these natural looking crystal inclusions into her work. If I wasn’t saving to move right now I would have definitely snatched up a couple things already. 

8. @goldheartsupply

Chris and Cassia is a husband and wife team. They are masters at their craft (at least to an untrained eye). They create wooden cutting boards, utensils, office organizers, wall hangings and even jewelry. Their feed puts you right at the “heart” of Alaska. You get a feeling of a slower, quality lifestyle yet it’s infused with the maker spirit. 

9. @shoprkitekt

Kel Cadet is a multi-passionate artists who works with leather, create beautiful wooden beaded jewelry and hand painted headwraps. Her feed is gorgeously curated with natural colors and a pop of dusty pink. She does an amazing job of styling her products in a way that makes these different medium go well together. 

10. @thetinycollection

Sydney creates small batch vegan soy candles in an array of fresh scents. I love seeing glimpses of her process on her feed and the amount of candles this girl can turn out is seriously impressive! Plus, a percentage of her sales gets donated to animal shelters. 

Who are you loving on Instagram right now? Post them in the comments below and help support of maker!